We at Noti-fi have designed standard and ready to use off the shelf products and services which are a must-have for any domain. These ‘plug and play’ solutions do not require installation and they enable you to monitor the temperature, humidity as well as other variables of your space remotely. These devices connect to your Wi-Fi network or can be enabled to connect to a sim network.

Aura Pro

Temperature, Humidity, Methane/Propane Monitoring
  • Ideal for home and hotel kitchens.
  • Must have for apartments with gas pipelines.
  • Remote monitoring, from anywhere across the globe.
  • Instant alerts via mobile app and Emails. Setup multiple Emails for alerts.
  • High Quality american standards LPG sensor.
  • Plug and Play. Easy installation. Just needs an active Wi-Fi connection and power socket.
  • One time purchase. No subscription.


Temperature & Humidity Monitoring
  • Informs about temperature and humiditydata at any location you are.
  • Temperature accuracy of ±0.5°C
  • Humidity accuracy of within 2-5% on a range of 0 – 100%
  • Korean high quality and high life sensor.
  • Motherboard imported from the UK.

Common across all our standard solutions

  • High precision sensors
  • The solution comes with its own dashboard and alert settings (SMS and Emails)
  • Downloadable reports for each device available for offline analysis.
  • Attaching custom sensors like door open/close sensors, motion sensors and a lot more, possible, with you setting alerts for each sensor as required.


We at Noti-Fi work on comprehensively making your experience better by adding solutions like motion sensors, odor detectors, door close/open automation, and more to your existing devices per request or providing them separately for you.


With smoke and fire sensors as two separate units as well as a single unit, we help you gain control and exercise control before a fire hazard happens, preventing loss of property and personnel.


Discouraging trespassing and to help you keep a peace of mind about the privacy of your space, our motion sensor lights offer instant notifications to you in case of a movement, allowing you to take necessary measures in time.


With every industry having its own metrics for quality control based on their nature or business, we provide custom solutions like air quality monitoring, specific gas monitoring etc.

These solutions are designed after having a detailed view of your requirement.

All our solutions are based on real time reporting and are part of our dashboard that is available on web and mobile platforms for both Android and IOS.