How do I setup my account?

  1. Download and install the Noti-fi application from Play Store or App Store.
  2. Create your account and sign in.
  3. Goto the Devices option on the menu and click "Add New Device"
  4. Type the product code from the box or use the Scan QR Code option to use your phone camera to scan the code from the box.
  5. Once the device shows up in the list, remove the device from the box and mount it in your kitchen using the mounts provided. Please make sure that the device is not too close to the flame/burner. It is recommended to keep the device placed at a height of 30 to 100 cms above ground and not farther than 2M from the gas source.
  6. Create a hotspot on your phone with the below name.

Network Name: noti-fi

Password: noti-fi123

This is a one-time activity to handshake the device to your home router.

  1. Power on the device and wait for it to connect to your hotspot.
  2. On the mobile application menu, click on the WiFi symbol and enter your home/office WiFi network name and password and click Submit.
  3. You have successfully added the device to your network. You can now turn off the hotspot.


Do I need to register an account to use my purchased device?

Yes, a one-time account needs to be registered in order to setup the device. The account setup is super easy and free. This is required to make sure you receive real-time alerts from anywhere across the globe.


How do I change my personal information and password?

In order to change your personal information and account password, please visit www.noti-fi.com and login to your account. Once you login, you can make the required change from your profile page.

Alternatively, the same steps can be followed on the phone application. Profile can be accessed from the menu.


How many devices can I setup with my account?

As many as you want. There is no restriction to the number of devices to an account.

You can also detach a device from an account and add it to another account if you feel the need in future.


Can we use multiple logins for the same account?

Yes, we believe that everyone should benefit from our devices and that is why we allow multiple logins for the same account on as many mobile phones as there are in the household.

Everyone receives alert notifications and everyone is able to see real-time information.


What are the types of alerts the device can send?

Our devices are capable of sending Email and In App notifications.


Do we have the option for SMS alerts?

Yes, SMS alerts can be configured to your existing devices. Since this is a recurring cost, we suggest this for commercial establishments only where employees might not have Emails configured on the phone to receive instant alerts.


How many Email accounts can I add for receiving alerts?

We do not restrict you with the number of Emails accounts you can receive alerts on.

By default, one email is sent to the primary email account which is used for account creation.

For additional Email accounts that you would want to add for alerts, please click on the settings link on the device dashboard and update the Emails.


The last updated time stamp seems to be stuck?

Although in most of the phone models, the update is uninterrupted, we have noticed that at times on a handful mobile models, the time stamp gets stuck. Since we do not have control on the mobile phones operating system, we have provided you with a refresh link on the device dashboard. You can use this link to get the latest data on your phone screen.


Will I still get alerts if the time stamp is stuck?

Yes, you will still get alerts as we push all the notifications to your phone from the web where the counter never stops.


How do I rename my device name and description?

Click edit on the device dashboard and you will see the option to edit the device name and description.


Can I decide on the frequency of the alerts?

Yes, we give you the option to decide on the frequency of the alerts. Click edit on the device dashboard and you will see the option to edit the alert time frequency. This is setup in minutes.


I want to edit the thresholds for my device variables?

We understand that each user’s requirement will be different and so will the threshold preferences. In case of temperature and humidity, you can setup the thresholds in the settings link. For gas, we do not have that option as sensors are recalibrated for gas detection.


I am not getting App notifications.

We have seen this issue where users are not getting app notifications, whereas when they click on the Noti-fi app icon on their mobile phone it opens up the app and shows real time data.

This is noticed in a few phone models where when the application is cleared from recently running applications, notifications stop. In order to stop this from happening, please make sure that your allow background data access and lock the application in your recent applications page. Most phones have a small lock icon on the top right hand side of the recent apps window that can be used.

In certain phones, the lock option is not available, we have so far not received any issues on those models. Please reach out to us in case your phone is behaving otherwise.

Another reason could be a recent phone restart, this usually clears all apps running in the background. Please click on the Noti-fi app again to start receiving alerts.


The refresh button on the dashboard is not working.

The most possible reason for the refresh button to stop functioning is the device not linked to your WiFi network. This could happen due to possible network issues from your internet service provider side or maybe you have changed your WiFi password recently.

In case of a network router/WiFi password change, please repeat step 6 mentioned in section “how do I setup my account”

This will enable you to handshake your device to the WiFi again.


None of the above is working for me?

We at Noti-fi want to make sure that our products work for you and have you at complete peace of mind. In case any of the steps is not working for you, please reach out to us at support@noti-fi.com or WhatsApp us at +91 97417 16461. We will have someone call you and get your product working for you.

Alternatively, you can use the contact us page on the website.